Advantages of Regularly Servicing Your Car

An important part of maintaining a car and keeping it in the very best condition possible is to ensure that it is serviced at least every 12 months. Even if your vehicle is within its MOT, this should not be supplemented as a replacement for good service as the two are different things.

A service will ensure that the engine is running correctly, as well as ensure that brakes are fully functional, the tyres are inflated and the filters are changed regularly. All of these factors are key to having a car that runs safely and efficiently.

If your car is still in warranty, many warranty agreements will require the car to be serviced within certain time constraints or warranty payments will be declined, so this isn’t really a procedure that should be looked at as optional; it’s a practical safety measure that will ensure your car is in prime condition.

Manufacturers will stipulate suggested intervals to service your car at, however servicing more frequently than the recommended intervals will only work in your favour as a car owner. Looking after your care vigilantly will work with you on so many levels that it’s plain common sense to keep your service history as up to date as possible.

Having a good service history will also work well when it comes to selling the car as buyers will see how well looked after the vehicle has been, meaning you are more likely to achieve the price you are looking for.

Elements covered in service are the safety elements of the car, allowing you to drive around confidently and safely with peace of mind once the car has completed its service. Some areas covered are:
  •     Brakes
  •     Suspension
  •     Tyres
  •     Tyre Pressure
  •     Steering
  •     Lighting
  •     Windscreen Wipers
  •     Shock Absorbers
  •     Power steering fluid
  •     Windscreen Wash

A 12-month service or a full service covers many more factors than a 6-month service, so it is recommended that drivers have a six-month service, followed by a 12-month service and so on, to ensure that every element is covered at least once a year.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and having your car serviced by somebody who has been recommended to you is a great way of sourcing a professional to do the job. It isn’t hard to spot a mechanic who isn’t very good, so look for ones who are happy to talk you through the service, answer any questions you have and actually spend a bit of time with you rather than treat you as ‘just another job’; these kind of mechanics are more likely to deliver a good service job on your motor.

Driving safely and in a textbook, manner will ensure that when it comes to your service, your car will perform well. Take measures yourself in the maintenance of your car rather than leaving everything down the garage and keep your levels topped up and change your oil and oil filter if you can. Having an active role in the upkeep of your car will ensure your engine runs well and is less likely to face problems.

Obvious wear and tear do occur with motors, but taking an active part in looking after your car, on top of the regular services, means there is no reason why your car won’t be reliable for as long as you have it.