The Heritage & History Of Ford

Henry Ford is the legendary mastermind behind Ford cars, and there’s plenty of interesting history behind the name. Not only did Henry Ford change many people’s lives for the better with his well-designed and thought out vehicles, but he also made owning a car practical and affordable (something many carmakers failed to achieve). In this day and age, you can do many things to obtain your very own Ford vehicle. You could purchase one brand new (a costly option), buy a second-hand model, or even get a Ford Kuga on a lease, for example. This is all down to Henry Ford’s brilliant mind! He developed mass-production methods and techniques that set the standard for the rest of the car makers in the first half of the 20th century. Here’s more about the heritage and history of Ford:

Henry Ford started very young, by the age of just 12 he was spending a lot of time in a little machine shop, which he had managed to set up and equip himself. Here, he made his first steam engine at the age of just 15. The clever inventor left home the next year, heading for Detroit with the intention of working as an apprentice machinist.

Ford Kuga

Henry’s apprenticeship lasted a total of 3 years when he returned to his hometown of Dearborn. The next few years henry spent doing a few different things. He operated steam engines, repaired them and did the odd job in his father’s factory overhauling farm implements.

In the year 1888, at the age of 25, he married a woman called Clara Bryant and supported his family by running a sawmill. Henry got bored soon after and became an engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit in 1891. Just two years later he was made chief engineer, which gave him sufficient time and money to work on internal combustion engines in his own time.

What came out of Henry’s experiments was a self-propelled vehicle that Henry named the Quadricycle. This was in 1896, and soon the first Ford engine came into existence, born on Henry Ford’s kitchen table. It wasn’t long until a ford engine supported by a frame was built, which was completed with 4 bicycle wheels. This was the first-ever Ford car!

Henry resigned from his job at Edison in 1898 and made his own company called the Detroit Automobile Company. Sadly, this company was forced into bankruptcy soon after its opening. As is made clear from all the information here, Henry was not one to give up. He built several racing cars, one of which was driven to victory by Ford, beating an American champion (Alexander Winton) in 1901.

In 1903, the Ford motor company started, where 3 men worked on one car. Henry realised that his dream was to build a reasonably priced, reliable and efficient car, so he did just that in 1908. “Model T” was an immediate success as it was easy to operate and maintain on the roads. The company continued to grow and grow when Henry sadly died at his home aged 83 in 1947.

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