What Is the Best Way to Sell Your Car in Australia?

So you’ve finished your magnificent journey in your campervan or car across Australia, and it’s been fantastic. You could probably use some additional funds right now, whether you called your trusty vehicle Sheila or whatever else you decided. Selling your automobile does not have to be a difficult task; the demand to purchase is always there, so we’ll provide you with some of the best advice on how to sell your car in Australia. It’s a simple and acceptable choice to sell to fellow backpackers. They’re the ones who are most likely looking for a car quickly with little fuss, will probably be happy that you’ll include tables and chairs with it, and will value the fact that if it has already travelled across Australia, it is a trustworthy little thing that won’t let them down.

Good Presentation

Making sure the inside of your automobile is clean and in working order is crucial, as is maximizing its appeal. Keep any service records on hand to show the potential buyer.) Shooting in the early morning or late afternoon can help you avoid harsh shadows that might hide features. Take lots of pictures from every angle possible (including the interior), and only use horizontal images. Arrange your photographs in a logical sequence when uploading them.


3 months is the absolute minimum, but it’s better if you have a year or more left on your rego. A rego that will expire soon will put off potential purchasers just because of the extra expenses it’ll entail.


Gumtree is an excellent option, but be ready to re-list your car every day or so because your ad will most likely end up on page three. Cars4Backpackers is a site created specifically for backpackers to purchase or sell their automobiles. If you’re skilled at selling, you might make more money elsewhere by selling.

Right Timing and Place

The summer is the worst time to sell your automobile because Sydney, Perth and Melbourne are all relatively quiet in this period (autumn/ winter). In the same way, between December and June (wet season) in Darwin and Cairns, as well as Brisbane and Adelaide,


Take a look at what others are charging for something similar to what you’re selling and use it as a starting point. You’ll quickly find your competitors, and if no one is interested in your offering after a week, you should reconsider your price. Backpackers are price-sensitive, so don’t expect to be rewarded if you ask for too much more than everyone else is offering. It does not imply that the car was purchased for $3000 and spent $1000 on servicing it implies that it’s worth $4000 (60% – 80%).

Don’t forget that you’re here to have a good time, so don’t ruin it by spending three to four weeks attempting to sell your automobile. If you have any other suggestions for how to sell a car, leave them in the comments area below.